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Fields of work and interest

- at the Center for Computation & Technology at Louisiana State University doing Scientific Visualization

- at the Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum fuer Informationstechnik Berlin (ZIB)

- at the Albert-Einstein-Institut Golm/Potsdam/Babelsberg (Max Planck Institut für Gravitationsphysik)

- ART - a project for the interactive visualization and exploration of numerically found curved spacetime

- Project (1998) Transatlantic Interactive Visualization of Black Hole Interaction and Gravitational Wave Supercomputing and more...
- Everlasting Astronomy:

Moon Eclipse 16.9.1997

Total Sun Eclipse 11.8.1999
Student of Astronomy , finished 1997 as `Magister rerum naturalium'
Diploma thesis: The Influence of the Cosmological Constant on the Voids in the Expanding Universe (german)
Differential Geometry - See persiflage Differentialgeometrie neu erlebt - eine Übungsreise (27KB dvi-file, german only).
General Relativity and Cosmology
Black Holes - See Feldtheorie.dvi (135kB dvi-file, german only), (gzipped, 50KB) , Text from a seminar concerning black holes.
Activities in project Hale-Bopp: some photographies

Attended Conferences
Participant of the ASA Alpbach Summer School 1992 (talk on Raytracing with hyperbolic light paths)
The Deep Universe (1993), A.R. Sandage, R.G. Kron, M.S. Longair, Saas-Fee Advanced Course, Les Diablerets (CH)
Participant of the ASA Alpbach Summer School 1995
Participant at the 179. WE-Heraeus-Seminar - BLACK HOLES: THEORY AND OBSERVATION
Siggraph'98 (Orlando, FL)
Supercomputing'99 (Portland, OR)
SCART 2000 (Zuerich, CH) Science and Art 2000 -- 3rd International Conference on the Interaction of Art and Fluid Mechanics
Igrid 2000 (Yokohama, Japan) An International Grid Application Research Demonstration at I N E T
HPDC 2000 (Pittsburgh, PA) Conference on High Performance Distributed Computing

Computer related

C the script of my local C-Course (4MB, PDF, german only) Also available as TeX .dvi [gzipped, 110KB ] from here. The Piggy Metafont Sources are required in your Metafont path for viewing the .dvi file. Postscript files from the most recent course (german only!): (a quite complete description of C and all of its features, with example programs)
C++ - get the script of my local C++-Course (273kB dvi-file, german only) [ gzipped, 77KB ] from here. Also Postscript ("Von der Klammer bis zum Raytracing" - with some introduction on how to do Raytracing in C++, basic structures) [Also available as pdf, although of less quality].
Raytracing in C++ - Please have a look to the special page dedicated to this field.
Other Activities - These have also been swapped out to a separate page for some reasons.

I am fan of Arntraud (the one and only - Online Goddess and the most incredible girl in the UNIverse),

the Work of Vangelis,
Jean Michel Jarre,
Phillip Glass,
Mike Oldfield,
Twin Peaks,
M. C. Escher,
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,
Johann Sebastian Bach,
Ernst Jandl
the great Terra Chips!
and of all people, who can do things that I can't do, even if I would like to do them.
And I don't like people who wake me up, independent of wether I'm daydreaming or nightdreaming...

- I am not fan of the Computing Center of the University of Innsbruck.

I am not related to Karolyn R. Benger, Norma Benger, Stephanie Benger, Brent Benger, Brent P. Benger, Rosenblum Benger, have not gone to the Benger Primary School in Western Australia, have made no paintings for the Golden Age Of Illustration and do not live in Sutton Benger (Wiltshire, England). Or are we related somehow??

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