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Finally, after 18 years of development and many years in dormant state, the Light++ Raytracer has moved to another place, at least for the Code management. It is now accessible via ORIGO on
Be aware, Light++ is not open source, it is a private project and access is only granted under a.) acceptance of the Light++ copyright license and b.) in perspective of active co-development and contributions.

As of now (2010), Light++ is pretty dormant. Its roots lay back far in ancient times, there is even still support for MSDOS (anyone left who knows what this is? ;) ). That said, it may use as little resources as to be able to run on a cellphone, but with can be tuned up with all features enabled to challenge a modern peta-scale supercomputer.

There is no guarantee that it will compile or work. Any such contributions are welcome. Still interested parties check out the Origo webpage and send email to werner (at) photon.at to request SVN access permissions, stating your Origo account name (implying that you signed up for an Origo account first).

The object-oriented raytracer which can raytrace general relativistic sunsets in dispersive media and more.

Keywords: raytracing, C++, object-oriented programming, relativistic raytracing, black holes, dispersion, atmospheric effects, class library

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